5 Tips to Keep Cyber-safe this Vacation Season

By Redbud on Jun 26, 2018 11:56:18 AM

Summer is here and whether you’re still at the office most of the time or you’re spending your days at the pool, you’re probably taking a vacation at some point. Just like your home requires someone to bring in the mail and feed the cat, there are some precautions you should take to protect your security and your online data as well.

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How More Representation in Pop Culture Can Help the Cyber Security Industry

By Redbud on Apr 11, 2018 9:19:00 AM

Cyber security attacks have been an ongoing problem in this technology driven world. Attacks are being launched against everyone from large corporations to single individuals. The result of these can have a tremendous negative economic impact on a victim. As the number of cyber threats continue to grow, the industry could use some help recruiting skilled professionals. With the lack of representation in pop culture, many might not have realized this career was an option. Seeing more of this industry in everyday media can help introduce it to a new audience.

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The Dangers Within Trusted Websites

By Redbud on Mar 9, 2018 9:52:02 AM

Websites that seem to be trustworthy are not always safe. In recent years, cyberattacks have been perpetrated through what people believe to be safe websites. According to Menlo Security’s State of the Web 2017, of the top 100,000 websites, 42% were deemed “risky” due to the following reasons: the use of vulnerable software, a history of distributing malware, and experiencing a security breach within the last year. In general, news and media sites was the category with the largest risk factor with 49%. In 2017, Business and Economy sites were hit with the most security risks incidents with 23,819.

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New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t Forget About Your Cyber Security

By Redbud on Jan 19, 2018 3:00:15 PM

The New Year brings about many personal resolutions whether it’s to lose weight, drink more water, or just be happier. But those resolutions don’t have to stop there, why not extend it them to other areas in your life? Cyber security is a great example of one of those areas. Yes, you read that right. Why not start the New Year with some changes to the way you use and think about cyber security. Don’t know where to start? Well, here are 3 cyber security New Year’s resolutions to start you off:

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Computer Security Day

By Redbud on Nov 30, 2017 10:11:26 AM

close up of a calendar

In the United States, November 30th is Computer Security Day. The purpose of this day is to bring awareness to the risks of the internet and urge users to protect themselves and their technology. As the years have progressed the internet has become a greater and greater part of everyday life. It is uncommon to walk down a city street and not see a cellphone, tablet, or Bluetooth speaker in someone’s ear. What these people don’t think about is the risk that comes with having the latest technology. Today, it is encouraged that people take a step back and review some of the tips that can keep them and their technology safe from potential threats.

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What You Need to Know About Ransomware

By Redbud on Sep 29, 2017 10:28:42 AM

Closeup of businessman with handcuffed hands against red bleachers looking down on football pitch

Ransomware attacks are increasing at a terrifying rate. Recently, the ransomware attack “WannaCry” affected an alarmingly high number of individuals. In mid-May of this year, over 230,000 computers were affected spanning more than 150 countries. Individuals along with major corporations were targeted through the Windows operating system. Unless the ransom was paid, the organization would not be able to retrieve their encrypted data.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

By staff on Mar 31, 2017 6:56:57 AM


To foster a successful work environment, it is important to make sure your employees are happy. Turnover from unhappy employees will not only lead to stress and loss of profits, but you may even find yourself in a difficult position with successful recruitment. Employees and ex-employees talk, so in order to ensure the talk is positive take a look at the following suggestions.

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How to Make Your Company Attractive to Job Seekers

By staff on Mar 15, 2017 12:18:21 PM

In today’s economy, job seekers are getting increasingly specific on identifying what they want in a company before even starting the application process. It’s getting difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd and attract future prospects that will represent the top tier of professionals in their field.

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The Cloud and Cyber Security

By staff on Feb 28, 2017 12:28:38 PM

Cloud based technology first started gaining popularity in the early 2000s, but it has evolved exponentially since then. In fact, you are probably utilizing it even if you don’t realize it. If you use LinkedIn, Constant Contact or operate on an iOS platform, you’re using cloud technology. This technology has become more prevalent as each year passes and is now being used by businesses all over the world.

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How to Identify Phishing Attacks

By staff on Feb 14, 2017 12:46:20 PM

Phishing is an increasingly popular way for cybercriminals to steal a user’s personal information. Phishing is accomplished through electronic communication, usually in the form of a fake website that appears to be genuine, and can be difficult for the average person to detect. These nefarious cyber invitations will seem to be coming from a legitimate source to trick users into revealing login information or to install malware on their computers. Hackers do this by requesting sensitive details about bank information and personal identity or they include dangerous attachments in emails.

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