3 Mistakes a Company Makes after a Cyber Attack Occurs

Dec 15, 2016 5:14:41 PM

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is companies of all sizes are victims to cyber attacks. We’ve discussed cyber security statistics, lessons learned, terms to know and prevention tactics in previous posts, and all these topics revolved around the idea of anticipating and reacting to a cyber attack. But one topic than tends to get swept under the rug are the mistakes made by companies after a cyber attack has occurred. Let’s look at three major mistakes.

Not sharing the right amount of information with the right people ASAP.

Giving the details of a cyber attack to the public immediately after one occurs can be a difficult decision, but not looping in the necessary people from each department of a company is worse. Employees and those with higher positions may not want to share information after a company has been hacked because they want to keep it under wraps until the issue has been resolved and they know exactly what went wrong. However, it’s vital for information to be shared with the right people within a company soon after a hack has occurred. This way, every department is on the same page in terms of the crisis and response plan. Otherwise departments will be playing catch up later and that will affect the fluidity of the company getting back on track after a cyber attack has taken place.

Believing cyber security is the IT department’s problem.

It’s wrong to assume that cyber security is only a technical issue. Many cyber security attacks occur from hackers with malicious intent and human error and system failure with no malicious intent. Because of this, it’s important for employees to receive quality training on company systems, education on best practices to prevent a cyber attack, and guidance on how to implement a response plan when a breach occurs. Employees need methods and practices to follow if and when a cyber attack occurs to resolve issues quickly, implement damage control and generally make things run more smoothly.

Thinking a cyber security attack will not happen again.

Companies sometimes tend to think they won’t get hacked—let alone have it happen twice—even though no business is immune from a cyber security attack. Old habits are hard to break so it is easier for a company to get hacked if their security and privacy practices are not in the best shape. Since most companies react to a cyber security attack after one occurs, it’s important for a company to not go back to their old ways once a breach has happened. Some may think the chance of getting attacked again is unlikely, but just how the first train of thought “It won’t happen to our company” was wrong, the thinking “It won’t happen to our company again” is also wrong.

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