4 Tips for Landing Great Cybersecurity Talent—Speed is Key

Jun 15, 2016 6:19:39 PM

Speed is key in hiring that next great talent for your organization, especially a cybersecurity professional. To speed up a hiring process, human resources (HR) needs to determine what they must do to quickly and efficiently bring top talent on board. The best candidates are not looking for jobs. According to LinkedIn Talent Trends 2015, 70% of the workforce are passive candidates. But for the right opportunity, they might consider a move to another organization. If a tempting offer comes their way, potential candidates will start to go through the pros and cons of changing their job. They start to think of positive aspects as to why they should move and the negative things about their job. If the hiring organization does not react quickly, the candidate might start to look elsewhere.

Here are 4 tips to help with your hiring process.

1. Removing Delays in the Hiring Process

Keep in mind that if you are working with a passive candidate, moving to your organization was not even on his or her radar. This means they are mostly happy where they are. The fact that you have successfully engaged them means you have gotten them thinking. This also means that they are now considering the pros and cons of the opportunity. Included in this line of thinking are the things that they are potentially unhappy with at their current organization. If you have begun the interview process with this candidate, here are why delays in your process can hurt you: You were the trigger that got the candidate thinking about leaving their company. If your process is delayed by a slow hiring manager or internal process, and too much time passes, the candidate often begins looking for other opportunities. You need to keep the ball moving down the court or you may lose a rock star candidate. A candidate shouldn’t wait weeks to hear back on a position because a hiring manager was on vacation. Look at ways to trim the delays. Removing a delay does not mean you have to compromise the quality of a new hire. Look for ways to streamline the process.

2. Looking for the “Perfect” Candidate Syndrome

Hiring managers have that wish list of all the good things they would like to see in a candidate. They go through their stack of resumes looking for that rock star. The candidate who scores 10 out of 10. But what about the candidate that scored 8 out of 10? Is there not potential there? What are the missing skills? Looking at the bigger picture can lead to the desired results that you want to achieve. Perhaps this candidate has the desired skillset but not the specified certification. These are perfectly good candidates to hire and then train for a couple of skills or certificate that you feel they are missing. By waiting for that 10 on 10 candidate, you could miss out on an 8 of 10 candidate that may turn out to be your rock star.

3. A Well-Written Clear Job Description

Having a well-written and clear job description identifying the roles and responsibilities will help attract the best candidates. Passive candidates need to be drawn-in right from the start. Think of the job description as a marketing piece. Dry job descriptions may work for candidates that are desperate for a job but seasoned cybersecurity pros need to be sold, not simply informed. Remember that cybersecurity pros are passionate about their craft. Use the job description to explain that your organization is serious about security.

4. Ask for Help from a Cybersecurity Recruiting Agency

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. A cybersecurity recruiting firm is already engaged with the candidates you want to hire. They can easily understand the needs of your organization and can provide quality screening with their specific industry expertise. They can save you time by soliciting their pool of potential candidates.

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