Cyber Security: What is it?

Jul 7, 2016 12:11:14 PM

Cyber security, also known as information technology security, focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from people who have unauthorized access or intend to destroy important information. Cyber security is important to businesses, agencies and organizations of all sizes. Hospitals, governments, corporations, the military and other businesses have confidential and sensitive information on their computers and the computers they transmit data to. Because cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent, ongoing attention and security is needed to protect sensitive information.

Cyber security is a complex endeavor due to a number of factors including the ability for hackers to operate from anywhere in the world, the connection between physical systems and cyberspace, the difficulties associated with reducing vulnerabilities in complex networks and infrastructures, and the quickly and constantly evolving nature of security risks.

The traditional approach to cyber security is to protect against the biggest threats, but too often, smaller system components are left exposed and undefended leading to the biggest breaches. Security management is different for all situations so it’s important to have strategies in place that are thorough and well-rounded.

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