How to Make Your Company Attractive to Job Seekers

Mar 15, 2017 12:18:21 PM

In today’s economy, job seekers are getting increasingly specific on identifying what they want in a company before even starting the application process. It’s getting difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd and attract future prospects that will represent the top tier of professionals in their field.

In order to make your company more desirable to work for, consider the following techniques during new-hire marketing.


Company Culture

One of the most appealing aspects of a company is what their culture and values represent. In order to attract professionals who will be a good fit, you want to make sure your culture reflects your business values. This will help you appeal to the type of people you want to work at your place of business. Potential candidates want to fit in and they will be more inclined to choose you if they feel that they do.


Give likely prospects a reason to choose your company other than just the job description. Use local area attractions to help increase the appeal of your business. If you’re near parks, hiking trails, beaches, public transportation or even a great restaurant, advertise it. It will help candidates to get a feel for not only what a new job will look like, but also what a new lifestyle could be.

Company Benefits

Being open and honest with the benefits that come with a salary is a great way to attract employees. With the increasing cost of many out-of-pocket insurance policies, job seekers want to know about their coverage options. Using company benefits in your advertising will help steer future prospects your way. If you can’t offer all the perks of a large-scale corporation, make sure the basics are at least covered.

Creative Perks

In addition to benefits, creative company perks can help fill the gap. Potential employees love knowing their company cares about them and will be more drawn to choose a position with a business that shows it. Consider offering travel reimbursements, annual company retreats, an on-site gym, volunteer time or a wellness program to keep employees healthy and happy.


Offering incentives or rewards for hard work are ways to give people something to look forward to. You can offer things like parking spots, an extra day of PTO or casual Fridays. Small gestures that give an extra spice of excitement and encouragement can go a long way. It’s also important to let prospects know exactly what is required to move up in a company before starting. This is helpful for people looking to grow over time, rather than finding new companies to work for as they develop their skill sets.

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